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Ford, IRSC Join Hands to Promote Courteous Road Behaviour


In its ongoing efforts to promotesafe and courteous driving, Ford India joined hands with Indian Road Safety Campaign (IRSC) toraise awareness on road safety issues like lack of pedestrian safety andlane driving, along with increasing road rage and distracted driving.

Under the umbrella of Ford #Cartesy,the awareness campaign is led by volunteers from IRSC and will reachout to more than 5,000 students and their parents, during the road safety week.

Apart from drawing and quizcompetition, one of the key engagements during the campaign will be Ford’sunique Parent Safety Report Card. With the Report Card, each studentwill be empowered to rate their parents on traffic rules anddriving behaviour like the use of seat belts, stoppingbefore zebra crossing. Once rated, the students will be encouraged toshare the scores with their parents. The activity aims to highlight how good orbad driving behaviour as observed by children impacts their understanding oftraffic rules and being courteous.

 “From providing the best of safety technologyin Ford cars –to encouraging young drivers to be courteous with#FordCartesy, we believe in making every effort possible to ensure that everyfamily travels safely,” said, Rahul Gautam, vice president, Marketing, FordIndia

In 2017, Ford India launchedCartesy, a campaign encouraging drivers to be courteous and respectful toothers on road much like our day-to-day life. With its partnership with IRSC,the largest youth-led road safety organization started bystudents/alumni of IIT-D, Ford looks to strengthen awareness on issues thatmake our roads unsafe.

IRSC (Solve) is thelargest youth-led organization working towards the mission of makingIndian Roads Safer, focusing on reducing the number of deaths caused by roadaccidents across India by half till 2020. We are currently active in 50+ citieswith over 1700+ volunteers and have impacted more than 1 crore people in across10 states in India.