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'Farooq Abdullah pawn of Pakistan: Tarun Chugh'
STATE / Mon, Jun 5, 2023 08:50 PM

Farooq Abdullah pawn of Pakistan: Tarun Chugh

 Srinagar, June 05  : ANB: Reacting strongly to former NC President Dr. Farooq Abdullah's statement that India should have dialogue with Pakistan, BJP National General Secretary Tarun Chugh on Monday said that “If India will talk to anyone it will only with the people of J&K”.
Chugh said Farooq Abdullah remains a pawn in the hands of Pakistan. “Dr Farooq Abdullah should learn from the new developments in J&K During the rule of Abdullahs the Kashmir was popular for bullets and bombs. PM Narendra Modi has made J&K an epicenter of tourism from terrorism. If India will talk to anyone in future, it will only be with the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” he told
He said G20 summit in Srinagar was a historical event and it concluded peacefully with wholehearted support of people from all walks of life. “Those who were speaking against the conduct of G20 summit should introspect and repent for their misdeeds” he said. According to the news service Associated news bureau ANB ,The Tarun Chugh also said that Mufti’s, Abdullah’s and Gandhi’s had destroyed the goodwill of J&K and it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who brought out J&K from the quagmire of uncertainty and destroyed the ecosystem of terrorism and their supporters. “Kashmir has started a journey towards peace, prosperity and development and it will continue ahead,” Chugh added. ANB


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