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'Anant National University Spearheads Innovation in Education with a Multidisciplinary Approach'
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Anant National University Spearheads Innovation in Education with a Multidisciplinary Approach

Srinagar, 24thApril 2024: Anant National University, India'sfirst DesignX University based in Ahmedabad, aims to reshape the educationallandscape in India through its diverse array of multidisciplinary andinterdisciplinary research and learning opportunities, with courses spanningdesign, architecture, climate action, and visual arts. Recognizing the pivotalrole of design thinking across various sectors like community development,climate resilience, infrastructure, and healthcare, the university aims toempower students to become catalysts for positive change – the solutionaries ofthe New Bharat!

Leveraging theNEP’s proactive stance on early-stage design education and the government'sunwavering support for modern educational paradigms, Anant National Universityis expanding its outreach to budding designers in the Jammu and Kashmirregion.  Introducing the inauguraledition of "Anant Design Summer IsCool”, the university unveils a dynamicsummer school program aimed at immersing students and educators in thetransformative realm of design. This initiative seeks to not only expandawareness of the diverse range of design courses and career opportunities butalso to enrich the learning journey through immersive experiences. Throughcomprehensive programs, participants will gain invaluable insights into themultifaceted world of design, empowering them to embark on impactfuleducational and professional pathways.

At the heart ofAnant National University's approach is the DesignX* methodology, a distinctiveframework that fosters holistic learning by immersing young designers in theircommunities, fostering innovation, and promoting collaboration. Central to thispedagogical approach is the integration of sustainable design principles with amyriad of knowledge domains and cutting-edge technologies, empowering studentsto address real-world challenges with impactful solutions.

Offeringundergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in design, architecture,climate change, and visual arts, alongside fellowship initiatives inSustainability and Built Environment and Climate Action, Anant NationalUniversity is at the forefront of integrating sustainability into education.With the recent launch of Anant School for Climate Action (ASCA), India's firstclimate school, the university equips students with the necessary skills to bridgethe existing skill gap in climate-related sectors for sustainable developmentand green job opportunities.

In addition toits academic innovations, Anant National University is committed to fosteringinclusivity and diversity among its student body. The introduction of ADEPT(Anant Design Entrance and Proficiency Test) in regional languages such asHindi, Gujarati, Bengali, and Tamil reflects the university's commitment toproviding equal opportunities to students from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Central toAnant’s success is its exceptional faculty, comprising distinguished scholarsand industry practitioners renowned for their expertise and contributions totheir respective fields. The university's partnerships with leading industryplayers and academic institutions worldwide, namely – the University ofPennsylvania, the University of Miami, Pratt Institute, Boston ArchitecturalCollege, and MIT Solve, among others, further enhance its academic offeringsand provide students with invaluable internship and scholarship opportunities.

Anant NationalUniversity's dedication to excellence extends beyond the classroom, withinitiatives like the ARAMBH incubation centre nurturing entrepreneurial talentand Various student labs such as Makerspace (a collaborative workshop area opento students), the Climate Lab (entirely committed to the university's values-it is sustainable, carbon neutral and powered by renewable energy) andtinkering lab (a workspace for students to learn, experiment and develop theirideas into prototypes) -fostering innovation and hands-on learning experiences.As a trailblazer in sustainable education, the university is committed toproviding a holistic educational experience that prepares students to thrive ina rapidly evolving world.

About Anant NationalUniversity

Anant National University has been a pioneer in sustainability and technologyeducation since it’s inception, offering courses such as Bachelor of Design,Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Design and Master of Architecture. Since2020, AnantU has been offering the much-coveted Anant Fellowship for ClimateAction, a unique one-year immersive global programme for climate change solutionaries.The Fellowship is a member of MIT Solve and is aimed at creating a community ofclimate change trailblazers who collaborate and cross-pollinate each other’swork with ideas and expertise from across sectors, regions and generations.Using design thinking, all programmes at AnantU provide students with theopportunity to learn and contribute to sustainable solutions. The university’sextensive Maker Space is equipped with tools including a hi-tech digitalmanufacturing laboratory and electronics workbench.


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