Pradesh Congress hobnobs with BJP to polarize, disintegrate J&K: Rana


National ConferenceProvincial President Devender Singh Rana onSaturday hit out at Pradesh Congress leaders for hobnobbing withBharatya Janata Party to disintegrate and trifurcate Jammu and Kashmir.

“Asection of the Congress leaders have been working as B-Team of the BJP andfurthering its agenda of division, hate and polarization”, Rana said afterpaying glorious homage to Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar on his birth anniversaryat a function held at NC office  herethis afternoon.

Ranasaid those working behind veils are more dangerous than perpetrators of aspecific agenda and Congress leaders stand now fully exposed for pushing thestate towards communal frenzy. They have all along been working against theunity of the State.  It is a vicious circle of the BJP, the PDP and asection in the Congress which is responsible for the prevailing sordid state ofaffairs. The National Conference, he said, will unveil these elements and fighttheir machinations by maintaining unity and tranquility, the real strength ofthe State and strong basis of the single entity of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

 Referring to behindthe scene political maneuvering over generating fear psychosis andcreating wedge between the communities in the wake of brutal rape and murder ofan eight year old girl in Rasana Kathua, Rana hailed the maturity and politicalsagacity with which the people across the spectrum foiled these dangerousattempts. He said the people of Jammu, irrespective of cast, creed or religionremained steadfast in their demand for justice to the victim.

“Thosestanding for rapists could be anything—chauvinists or opportunists—but notHindus, who worship girls up to the age of 12 as Kanjikas during holyNavratras”, the Provincial President said lauded the societal response inisolating the fringe. He assailed the BJP for imposing itself as Messiahs ofHindus and said this is disservice to great Hinduism, which believes inVasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the whole world being one single family).

 Payingtributes to Bharat Ratna Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar, the Provincial President describedhim as a visionary statesman, who not only authored the Constitution butalso worked tirelessly to foster egalitarian society and shed castediscrimination in the country.

“If Mahatma Gandhi isimmortal as Father of the Nation, Baba Saheb Ambedkar will also be rememberedas Father of Indian Democracy”, he said, adding that the great visionaryensured that the fruits of democracy reach. He said the ideology of thelegendary leader is humane, which is needed to be emulated and carried forwardby working towards creating a society based on equality and social justice.

Ranasaid the architect of the Constitution has left an indelible mark by hiscontribution to ameliorate the lot of down trodden and weaker segments of thesociety. His unflinching commitment towards social justice brought about arevolutionary transformation in Indian social order and helped in carving asociety with opportunities for all, he added.

 The ProvincialPresident said the best tribute to the great leader would be to imbibe thespirit of inclusiveness which alone can lead the nation towards peace, progressand prosperity. He said Baba Saheb cannot be confined in the myopic prismof party lines, as he belonged to India, lived for India and envisioned greatfuture for India.

 Speaking on theoccasion, senior National Conference leader and Chairman SC/OBC Cell Babu RamPaul highlighted the glorious contribution of Dr Ambedkar in heralding a newdawn for people of India in general and weaker and down trodden segments ofsociety in particular. He said the efforts of Baba Sahib yielded dividends interms of creating opportunities in every sphere of activity for the weakersections, which made a big turnaround the politico-social landscape of India.

 Babu Ram Paul urgedthe people to emulate the spirit of togetherness and shed the tendencies ofhatred and intolerance for making India a better place to live.

 “We have to workfor making India a global power, as envisioned by the towering leader like BabaSaheb Ambedkar”, he said, and decried the politics of hate being perpetratedfor petty political objectives. He said the country and the State is passingthrough a difficult phase, which can only be surmounted by strengtheningsecular fabric and ending injustice to weaker sections of society.

 Theformer minister sought an empowered commission for political empowerment andsocio-economic emancipation of Scheduled Castes and other weaker sections, whohave all along been exploited.

           Thevarious other speakers threw light on the life of Dr Ambedkar and paid glorioustributes to the architect of the Constitution of India.

 The occasion wasmarked by showering flower petals at the portrait of Baba Sahib.